Our Story

Chef Owner: Cheng Lin & Shota:

In the tender embrace of 1997, with memories of Fujian, China lingering in my heart, I found myself amidst the vibrant pulse of New York. My journey in this foreign land began at Hatsuhana, a revered Japanese sushi establishment. There, as a fledgling sushi chef trainee, I began to understand the dance of the knife and the art of sushi. My path later led me through the prestigious kitchens of Sushi Seki and Blue Ribbon, culminating beside the esteemed Chef Masa & Kevin at ITO Tribeca. Each step was a lesson, each day a new verse in my ever-evolving song of sushi.

It was in 1999 when I stumbled upon the book called "Shota No Sushi." This wasn’t just a comic; it was a mirror reflecting a young boy's fervent passion for sushi, a passion that mirrored my own. The tale wasn’t just about sushi; it was about dedication, about the burning desire to perfect an art. As I delved into its pages, a thought nestled in my heart: should I ever have a haven of my own, it would bear the name 'Shota'. This dream, fueled by the philosophy of "Never Forgetting the Original Intention" and the unending journey of learning, simmered within me.

Now, two decades later, after countless hours honing my skills and nurturing my passion, my dream has blossomed into reality. Shota Omakase, located in the quaint corners of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is more than just a restaurant — it's a fragment of my soul, a testament to a journey filled with love, perseverance, and dedication.

My heart finds solace in the traditional edomae-style sushi, where the art lies in marinating, curing, and aging. Yet, I’m equally drawn to the innovative spirit of the modern approach. At Shota, our quest is simple: to source the finest, most premium ingredients for our creations.